Alaska in Flip Flops – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Day 1 – travel day – YVR – TAC – SEA – SIT

As usual it took longer to get organized than you want it to and I was met with so many obstacles enroute. A 1 hr border wait that was so long I had to wait to be able to drive into the nexus line. An odd border guard experience and he left my cooler open which ruined the food I had brought to eat 🙁 Tons of construction and traffic which left me arriving a  Mark’s 1.5 hrs after I had wanted to – he drove me to the bus and it got me to the airport in time but then I had tough time in security where they gave me a very thorough pat down – made it to Dar and the plane on time – phew!

Our flight was uneventful – we mostly chatted and caught up the whole time and Dar expressed her concern about bears – repeatedly. We arrived in Sitka and Mary was there to meet us 🙂 Our first point of action was to help Mary’s sister hang a cabinet and then to the boat for a yummy halibut dinner on a bed of sea grass – YUM

Day 2

Woke up EARLY and had hot drinks

IMG 0004

and went into town for a nice hike and some groceries – I made ginger yam/squash soup for lunch and started an ab workout challenge that Dar is doing.

IMG 0001

IMG 0003

Dar’s first eagle 🙂

IMG 0009

Afterwards we made a 45 min trip to Goddard hot springs – we caught rock fish at frosty creek on the way.

IMG 0013

Dar caught the prettiest one – here is Mary filleting it.

IMG 0015

IMG 0016

Mary and I kayaked to the shore and I was able to send my kayak back part way for Dar while I was waiting I  channeled my inner Cotty and went to check out the lay of the land and what was going to be the better bathhouse I decided the lower one was better temperature and the view was equal if not better – we enjoyed our soak and then went to check out a cabin that used to have a garden. We grabbed some flowers for the boat. The rock fish was so delicious and Dar made yummy brussels sprouts to go with it. YUM

Here we are enjoying the Springs and the view!





We decided to spend the night a Goddard as it was so peaceful and beautiful.

Day 3

Woke up EARLY – not the greatest sleep – going to try my head at the other end of the coffin bunk. (fingers crossed) Decided to try out the cold brew coffee Mary makes – it sure is nice and smooth – I’m sure both Cotty and Terry are going to love it 😉 haha

We headed back to Sitka for some wifi and also some more grocery shopping to stock up on our supplies for the big trip!

IMG 9809

IMG 9810

Loaded up the boat – had a quick nap and some exercise and then over to the fuel dock where a lot of this happened well 14 of these!

IMG 0019

IMG 0021

And We’re off – went straight to Magoun Island Lagoon near Kruzof Island – Had gifted BBQ salmon for dinner

IMG 0024

monkey face reflections

IMG 0035

IMG 0048

IMG 9817

IMG 0050

IMG 9821

IMG 9825

IMG 9828

IMG 6030

IMG 6027

Gorgeous sunset and weather – enjoying our adventure 🙂






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