Alaska in Flip Flops – Day 7

Day 7

Wow another gorgeous sunny day! Mary slept until 7:20AM and I spotted a bear on the beach so we all jumped into the kayaks and had a near bear experience.

IMG 4360

IMG 6248

IMG 6254

IMG 6281

IMG 6279

Then paddled over to the waterfall, and back to the boat for breakfast  – I did my ab challenge – ridiculous good morning.

IMG 6298

IMG 6314

Dar looking at a bear from her bunk

IMG 0587

Dar in her bunk

IMG 0588

Judi in her bunk

IMG 0589

Bear pic from our anchorage

IMG 0595

IMG 0604

eagle over the boat 😀

IMG 0602

Headed toward Gut Bay but stopped to picked up the shrimp pot – 32 prawns!! and at the entrance to Red Bluff I caught a black bass and a rock fish we kept to use for bait later.

IMG 0624

IMG 6330

IMG 6333

IMG 6333

here we are ripping the heads off the shrimp!

IMG 6332

We had a tech break offshore and then to the uncharted territory of Gut Bay – we decided to scout out the whole bay – we found a good spot to anchor and floated while we enjoyed a yummy lunch of left over chicken marbella.

We went back to the entrance to set shrimp pots and take pics and I got to drive the boat!

IMG 4388

IMG 4390

IMG 0658

IMG 0662

IMG 6335

IMG 6343

IMG 6355

As we were setting the shrimp pots a sailboat entered the bay so we hurriedly set the pots and rushed back to get the best anchor spot. The sailboat ended up coming in and turning around and leaving!

IMG 6366

IMG 0669

We got all the kayaks down and put a crab pot on mine we paddled around the lagoon but decided to set it near the boat. We also set the crab ring off the side of the boat. We had to deflate the inflatable as it had sprung a leak 🙁

IMG 0677

IMG 0683

IMG 0689

IMG 0692

IMG 0693

We scrubbed down the deck as it had fish guts on it from the exploding black bass! Then Dar did her Day 23 ab challenge – it looked so hard – yikes

IMG 0417

We enjoyed a wonderful prawn dinner and salad on the back deck – did the dishes and I was finally able to catch up the blog.

IMG 0700

IMG 0701

IMG 0712

IMG 0728

IMG 0729

IMG 0731

Just as we started to relax Mary got the urge to empty the last wee bit of diesel – almost a disaster as she nearly put it in the water tank – yikes – right after that a ton of freezing cold water poured out from the fooler all over my bed AGAIN 🙁 We hung up what we could to dry but it was a bit late as the sun was just disappearing – I changed the duvet to a new one. Then hung out caught up blog – looked at pics and practiced some knots – bowline and truckers hitch – then more laughs as we washed ourselves up a bit and went to bed. WOW another magical day!


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