Arizona/Utah/Oregon/Washington – Day 8, 9, 10

We had an unexpected early start to the day – due to someone flipping one of our window shades for some bizarre reason. We headed out and reached Montezuma’s castle before it opened.

IMG 8565

Cotty made us some yummy beverages while we waited for the gate to open.

IMG 8566

Sunrise 🙂

IMG 8567

Montezuma’s castle has nothing to do with Montezuma – but is a pretty cool place someone built into a cliff!

IMG 8576

IMG 8605

IMG 8608

This was where the neighbours lived.

IMG 8610

Next we headed for Lower Antelope canyon where we had an amazing tour guide Clarissa she was simply lovely and delightful and the best tour guide we’ve ever had she is also responsible for many of these upcoming coolio photos! Thank you Ken’s Tours!!

IMG 8615

the beginning

IMG 8616

IMG 8619

IMG 8653

the beam of light

IMG 8671

lucky sunny day – gorgeous weather

IMG 8673

the colours!

IMG 8698

there she is the one and only Clarissa!

IMG 8751

🙂 <3

IMG 8739


IMG 8719

IMG 8729

IMG 8733

IMG 8742

IMG 8744

IMG 8754

this one upside down looks like a rocky mountain sunset

IMG 8766

girl with hair blowing in the wind

IMG 8779

fun funky canyon camera tricks!

IMG 8780

IMG 8784

IMG 8785

IMG 8788

IMG 8794


IMG 8804

IMG 8845

Here is our happy tour group.

FullSizeRender 6

we took a side road to do some exploring on our own and found this.

IMG 8890

IMG 8901

IMG 8939

IMG 8952

IMG 8958

then the plan was to head to Utah – we made it passed Salt Lake city then had a comfy sleep in the gnu.

IMG 8962

full moon

IMG 8965

pretty sunset

IMG 8968

IMG 8979

Next day we drove through 4 states – Utah, Idaho Oregon and Washington

IMG 8980

weird cloud blanket on those hills in Washington

IMG 5885

made it to Ruston 🙂 next morning we saw Mark’s new toy

IMG 8984

so pretty

IMG 8985

and after a lazy morning we made it HOME!!

IMG 8988

IMG 8989

IMG 8991


  1. Aram McLean 3 years ago

    Cool. That first gorge-y place looks a bit like al-Siq at Petra.

  2. Catherine Hay 3 years ago

    Wow! So spectacular!! I’m finally subscribed properly, so now I can follow your awesome road trip. Today’s pics are incredible. Thanks J&C for sharing!!

  3. terry 3 years ago

    outstanding places you go 🙂 loved those pics! When Cy and I were on a trip we had a guy shining a flashlight in our Acura M/H 🙂 at midnight…..asking us if we had paid to park there??????? Well yes we had, go check your motel book! dah!

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