Day 16 – Visiting friends and heading west

On Tuesday morning we loaded our stuff on the gnu racks and bid a sad farewell to chez Metropolis. It was time to complete the commitment we made to visit as many friends as possible and then head west. We started the day with a stop by the Wrigglesworth-Williams residence. We were in luck because Bee had just arrived home from a tennis match. Since we only got to visit 25% percent of the family we vowed to return later if possible.

IMG 6696

Cotty making a deposit at the Free Library!

IMG 6700

Next up we headed into the city and Judi had a quick visit with Liz. Rumour has it Liz was wearing three – yes THREE – pieces of even design jewellery!

IMG 6704

IMG 6705

Sadly the weather forecast came true just as we arrived at Arrouna’s shop on Dundas street. Torrential downpour. Despite our best waterproofing and duct taping the wood table tops on the roof did end up a tad moist.

IMG 3925

IMG 3926


IMG 6707

her gorgeous shop

IMG 6708

make Cotty jump for joy!

IMG 6715

Next we bought a few groceries and headed back across town to for visit number two at the W’s! Judi capped off a fun visit with some double dutch skills!

IMG 6722

IMG 3929

second time ever double dutch here: double dutch

Last but certainly not least was Dar! We sampled some of her yummy indian food and then headed for the border. It was a smooth crossing at Sarnia. After a couple more hours of driving in Michigan Judi pulled off the highway somewhere between Flint and Lansing.

IMG 6744


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