July 1, 2016 Day 10 Alaska (Glacier Bay Day 3) – Happy Canada Day

Today we opened a butternut squash to find the seeds sprouted INSIDE the squash! See the pics below for some other amazing things we saw today πŸ™‚
IMG 2209
Breakfast – Judi potatoes and sausage
Lunch – stuffed acorn squash
Dinner – Left over baked yummy baked Halibut with sea asparagus, figs and cashews and salad
Glacier in the Morning!!

IMG 7749

just kayaking in icebergs in front of an actively calving glacier – no biggie

IMG 1099
IMG 1102
hand on an ice berg while in a kayak
IMG 1103IMG 7781
see that cave?
IMG 7787
it’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it?
IMG 7796
IMG 7820
IMG 7803
going to try to insert a video here that Cotty took on his iPhone while in a kayak!
no more cave – a lot more icebergs
IMG 7807
and so many seals so many babies
IMG 7815
IMG 7814
come on Β – right?
IMG 7827
just an eagle on an iceberg
IMG 7843
IMG 7846
IMG 7858
Mountain goats – cute little faces, cute little butts – right Manders? πŸ˜‰
IMG 7860
IMG 7859
breaching Humpback
IMG 7863
full fluke show πŸ˜€
IMG 7866
IMG 7867
and a raft of otters with babies πŸ™‚
IMG 7880
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  1. Terry Cottingham 1 year ago

    looks like bean sprouts in that squash! more beauty pics, nice to see your smiling faces to πŸ™‚

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