June 21, 2016 Enroute to Alaska

We woke up at 4am in Vancouver to attempt to make it to our flight on time. It was pretty much smooth sailing all the way to Everett when we switched drivers. Judi got to deal with all the Seattle rush hour traffic (gnu ouch :() while Cotty had to deal with searching out our different options for where to leave the car and how to make our flight on time. Eventually we went with Plan A which was drive to Ruston leave our car at a friends house – get a ride to the bus stop that took us straight to the Airport. We made it just in time for our first flight. Learned that if you enter your nexus number when you book or check in for your USA flight you get to bypass the security line by using the TSA-Pre check point.

IMG 0571

IMG 1950

IMG 0578

Made it to Juneau – survived the flight without headphones (forgotten at home:() – mostly slept whenever possible. There wasn’t much of a wait for our next flight and we made it to Gustavus only to be greeted by “Strawberry” the local taxi driver – she even had a sign with our names on it!

IMG 0581

We also got to see Mike and Leo before they got on their flight and heard a bit about their fun adventures fishing to get the boat up to the area. Eventually our bag showed up and we went on a shopping mission – first stop the liquor store – where we were told we HAD TO GO (possible sham by Strawberry I bought Proseco so we could all toast Dar for Solstice. We tried to get groceries but there wasn’t much of a selection so we did the best we could. We got a tiny tour of the “town” which is truly TINY. Then Strawberry insisted we try to pick strawberries on Strawberry point – but we couldn’t find any though there were a ton of plants. Finally she took us to the boat and charged us quite a lot for the short drive 😉

IMG 0587

IMG 0583

It was great to see Mary and the Sol Duc both looking well and happy. We also got quite the Sea Lion show by the local residents.

IMG 0592

IMG 0589

IMG 7216

IMG 7213

IMG 7214

IMG 7226

IMG 7228

IMG 7236

IMG 7222

IMG 7234

We met the fish and game guy Bruce and the Harbour master as well as some of the local charter fisher people. We were REALLY, REALLY tired so were quite happy to simply have dinner and go straight to sleep.

This is us looking out the porthole from our cosy bunk on the Sol Duc 😀

IMG 7225

Dinner – Baked Halibut , Rice and salad


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