June 25, 2016 Day 4 Alaska in old tired fleece and new boots

Woke up in Elfin cove Cotty awoke having had a better sleep and slightly more energy. We had quite a noodlee morning.Which included Dealing with showers, (ours was broken – which was a pain; getting fresh ice – walking the entire town. Deciding not to pick more blueberries (a mistake IMO) Cotty and Mary enjoyed a LOT of salmon berries. I took a lot of pictures of gnomes and thought of Andrea. Cotty took a pic of a lighthouse and thought of Dar.

IMG 3352

IMG 3357

IMG 0683

IMG 0681

IMG 0685

IMG 2009

Breakfast –  YUMMY pancakes (Linda’s recipe) with blueberry compote

Lunch – Seafood chowder and salmon dip

Dinner – Almond crust pizza with goat chèvre and pesto,  turkey sausage, onion, green pepper, and apple.

Then we went to get fuel 89 gallons at $3.81/gal USD and also filled up the water tank again.

We headed off toward Idaho Inlet. We tried to jig for Halibut the weather was crappy and the current was too strong. We dropped a shrimp pot and tried again for Halibut and to look for a place to anchor – but eventually thought it would be best to head back to Elfin cove. When we got there we could not find anywhere to tie up – A guy named Dave on the Grocery signalled for us to come over and tie up to his boat which was nice – but he was a bit brusk and had a lot of rules including that we could not use out heater. So it was a COLD night for us.


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