National Parks Loop – June 29 – July 5

We spent the night in Grand Forks and got an early start. It’s always a good idea to fire up your vehicle early when you are running a fridge.

Our first actual destination was Nelson. A quirky little town with a cool bread delivery vehicle

IMG 0001 2

please wear shoes – 😀 – lol

IMG 0003 2

sights along the way – Yahk BC

IMG 0008 2

Cranbrook Elephant. Yet another addition to Judi’s relatively large collection of random Canadian elephant photos.

IMG 0999

Nice mountain view east of Fernie.

IMG 1002

Frank Slide

IMG 1010

Leitch Collieries

IMG 1017IMG 1021IMG 1023IMG 1030IMG 1042IMG 1052IMG 1053IMG 1055IMG 1056IMG 1058


IMG 1068IMG 1072IMG 1074

We found a nice quiet private spot to make dinner and set up our caRV. In the morning we lounged around and had a visit from nice park rangers. By the time we tried to fire up we were met with click click click. Dead battery. That’s what you get for not hitting the road by 6am 🙁 We managed to push the gnu quite far but eventually had to stop. We were able to get through to a dispatcher for the alberta national parks but as she was confirming our location a vehicle with Arizona plates pulled up. We asked him for a jump start and he stated he could do one better. He then opened his rear door and pulled out a portable battery jump starter!!!! It got the gnu rolling again and we were on our way to enjoy some beautiful views:

IMG 0011 2IMG 1075IMG 1077IMG 1079

pretty wild flowers – red rock canyon – impressive viewing platforms

IMG 1082IMG 1086IMG 1088IMG 1097IMG 1098IMG 1105IMG 0015 2IMG 1112

Windy Selfie

IMG 1114

Waterton lodge and lake

IMG 0034 2IMG 0028 2

Alberta scenery

IMG 1118IMG 1119

After taking the long route east of Lethbridge and Calgary we ended up finding fabulous hosts in our first ever visit to the budding metropolis of Three Hills AB. Thanks for the hospitality!

IMG 0037 2IMG 1120

Royal Tyrrell Museum greeter

IMG 0039 2

IMG 1124IMG 1126IMG 1128IMG 1131IMG 1132IMG 1135IMG 1142IMG 1143IMG 1144IMG 1146IMG 1148IMG 0043 2IMG 1155


IMG 1175IMG 1177

Cassia and Joel 😀

IMG 1179

finished another hat 😀

IMG 1209

driving toward the storm

IMG 1213

managed to catch the lightening

IMG 1229IMG 1232

all is clear the next morning

IMG 1241IMG 1243IMG 1246IMG 0045 2IMG 1248IMG 1251IMG 1253

stopped in at the glaciers to do a little cooking :D, Jasper National Park

IMG 1255IMG 1256IMG 1260IMG 1263

pulled off to check out this really cool river – and canyon that is impressively deep we were not able to capture it on film – sooooooo deep

IMG 1266IMG 1269IMG 1271IMG 1274IMG 0066 2IMG 1275IMG 0069 2

IMG 1277IMG 1293

shot of the trip, Banff National Park

IMG 1298

IMG 0071 2IMG 1302

mountain goats!! cute little faces cute little bums :D, Kootenay National Park

IMG 1304IMG 0072 2

giant cedar walk, Glacier National Park

IMG 0075 2IMG 1311IMG 0077 2

Fuel stop just outside Mt. Revelstoke National Park

IMG 1312

then crashed Cotty’s cousins ball tourney camp out

IMG 0078 2IMG 0080 2

carwash time

IMG 1314

pop in at white lake to visit this delightful family 😀 – Fellow artisans – check them out at:

IMG 0081 2IMG 0082 2

then home – 6 National Parks in 5 days 😀 wahoo


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