NFLD – day nine

Today we went on a driving tour of some of the local towns in the area.  The town names & signs pretty much say it all!

IMG 3010

High fog

IMG 7242


IMG 0221

Young Duck Love in Heart’s Desire

IMG 7213IMG 7214IMG 7233IMG 7236IMG 7243IMG 7250IMG 7257IMG 7263IMG 0220IMG 0222

we went on a coffee search and did some roadside flower arranging

IMG 7288

IMG 0267

then it was off to the beach at Salmon Cove Sands

IMG 8504IMG 8514IMG 8531IMG 8555IMG 7301IMG 7294IMG 7293IMG 7291

then we it was time for a family bbq

IMG 0235IMG 7318IMG 7315

Art provided by Benjamin

IMG 7321

and then back to Nan’s for some cards – Dar’s winnings

IMG 0265

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  1. terry 5 years ago

    lol more great shots and fun to be had 🙂 Lupins in NFLD???? Loved the walker in the sand reflection and the sailboat house!! And what are those cute little colored houses for? Love them. Wonder if anyone lives in that turquoise house, looks like it would be the most awesome project.

    Thanks again for posting and sharing your time away 🙂

    love Terry

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