Sol Duc July 2013 day eleven

Grey but loungey morning in Hot Springs – could not get motivated for an early morning spring soak even though I did get up twice to try. We watch the canoe paddle out of the cove and I tried out Matt’s stand up paddle board.

IMG 7921IMG 3405IMG 3406

nicest timber frame outhouse I’ve seen

IMG 3134

We hiked over to the old Village site beach and had a wee snack.

IMG 7931

Eventually we hit the water and were treated to a Grey Whale show before we even left the cove.

IMG 7932IMG 7933IMG 7950IMG 7966IMG 7969IMG 7992IMG 8005IMG 8017

We decided to set a crab pot at Baccante Bay and Judi decided to try fishing and caught dinner and lunch!

IMG 8024IMG 8026IMG 8032IMG 8038

this is what Cotty caught

IMG 3407

went for an evening kayak up the Watta River the reflections were very pretty.

IMG 8030IMG 8039IMG 8044IMG 8047IMG 8048

  1. Ryan 4 years ago

    What did Cotty catch!? It looks contagious!

  2. terry 4 years ago

    well he used a pretty lure for the cuc :). Again, lovely shots Judi. That snapper was super bright. Also did Mary have kayaks on the boat?

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