Sol Duc July 2013 day ten

We woke up in our sweet Bligh Island spot to sunshine and still water – that soon changed as we departed by 5:50am and started to make our way around Estavan Point – we were able to see Escalante this time which was nice but the weather was too iffy to venture any further than a quick pop in. Mary battled the big seas and we decided that a pop into Boat Basin wasn’t in the cards and we headed straight for Hot Springs Cove instead. We were able to catch up with loads of our friends there which was nice and we met some nice new friends in the evening as well when we were invited to a pot luck on the Innchanter 13 people were hosted by the lovely Steve and Kathy who are looking after the boat this summer. (Mike (of woodworking fame) and Candace; Β Mark and Rob of the Hama; Ian and Henry (log framers); Dave Lynch and young Dante; and our team of three πŸ™‚ after dinner we all made it to the Springs for a lovely enjoyable soak.

IMG 3378IMG 3379IMG 7914IMG 3384IMG 3385IMG 3386IMG 3387IMG 3389IMG 3391IMG 3392IMG 3393IMG 3397IMG 3398IMG 3399IMG 3403IMG 3404

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  1. terry 4 years ago

    I saw two cabins πŸ™‚ was one Dave’s? and if so who has the other one? and the Inn looks awesome. You have to tell me about the white stove and beauty dishes on wall :), where is it?

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