Sol Duc July 2013 day two

We woke up early again as at sea an early start is your friend. We left Rae Basin around 6:30am after coffee. We stopped for breakfast at the bite just west of Homais cove and some nice grey whales joined us. Then we went to see Escalante but sadly it was all fogged in as well. We then made it over to Friendly Cove in the fog and wind and met some nice locals and had a look around – we found a really nice lake and when we got back the fog had lifted and the view was quite different – we also got to learn a bit about salmon from a fish biologist on the dock while got ready to head for the Nuchatlitz.

IMG 7439IMG 7440IMG 7449IMG 7450IMG 7455

Friendly Cove

IMG 7462IMG 7463IMG 7466IMG 7470

IMG 7471IMG 7473IMG 3065IMG 3066IMG 7489IMG 7492IMG 7486IMG 7494IMG 7493

this is the Foggy View

IMG 7496IMG 7497IMG 7498IMG 7499IMG 7504

this one is for JJ

IMG 7505IMG 7510IMG 3095IMG 7512IMG 3109IMG 7513

Here is the post fog view 🙂

IMG 7514IMG 7515IMG 7516IMG 7517IMG 7520IMG 3117IMG 3119IMG 3123

Then we went fishing around the corner and I caught the first fish and the biggest fish and the most fish (don’t worry this is unlikely to ever occur again)  After a bumpy rough ride from our fishing spot to Port Langford Nuchalitz we were greeted by a bear on the beach and then enjoyed yummy fish tacos with mango salsa.

IMG 7533IMG 7537IMG 7539IMG 7540

IMG 7543IMG 7544IMG 3128IMG 3127


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