Alaska in Flip Flops – Day 6

Day 6

Mary woke up early at 6:30 and we went straight to the bus by the dock for a wash – I cam back after to work on the blog 😉

IMG 0306

Dar made “smoothie for breakfast which was nice as I needed a break from fish!

We dealt with the last 10 bags of diesel right as we finished the last bag the Invincible pulled up and offered to fill us up with fuel 🙁 oh well

IMG 0308

We made Kale salad for lunch (Kale salad recipe: Kale, onions, artichoke hearts, parsley – dressing: whisk olive oil, balsamic, juice of one lemon, salt and pepper. Cook wild rice. Serve with avocado, feta and pumpkin seeds and smoked salmon if you have it!)

IMG 0321

Did abs had a nap ate our salad filled up the water – had coffee and chocolate and left for red bluff bay.

IMG 0327

IMG 6175

We stopped to photograph beautiful flat still water and mountains a few times.

IMG 4329

IMG 0336

IMG 0355

IMG 9837

IMG 9840

IMG 9843

IMG 9845

IMG 4345

IMG 4352

IMG 4354

IMG 0361

the first time Mary asked me to drive the boat – hahahahaha

IMG 0366

IMG 0380

IMG 0391

Pulled into Red Bluff and dropped the shrimp pot but Mary wanted to adjust it – when we pulled it there were four prawns! We set it in a better spot and went to try for fish but seemed like we caught the same fish about 5 or 6 times 🙁 we pulled the shrimp pot again and got 4 more prawns – we reset it to leave it over night.

IMG 0394

IMG 0396


IMG 0400

IMG 6181

IMG 6183

IMG 0408

IMG 0410

IMG 6194

IMG 0411

IMG 0412

IMG 0415

IMG 6214

Then we headed into the bay and checked out yet another gorgeous waterfall. and set anchor – we saw a bear on the shore – but by the time we launched all the kayaks the motor boats seemed to scare it away before we could get there so we ate YUMMY chicken marbella a la Dar for dinner with left over rice and kale salad – YUM.

IMG 6206

IMG 0476

IMG 0502

I spotted a bear on the beach so we jumped into the kayaks and saw two really big bears 😀 Then back to the boat to clean up and we hung out a wee bit then sleepy time. Red Bluff Bay is a REALLY beautiful spot – WOW.



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