Alaska in Flip Flops – Day 8

Day 8

Our first grey rainy day – woke up at 5:00am after not a great night of sleep 🙁 Did not feel motivated to kayak or do anything really so Dar and I hung out onboard while Mary Kayaked around a bit – then she hauled the crab pot and it had a HUGE sun sea star in it!


Then we loaded up the kayaks and went to collect the shrimp pots – grand total haul for two pots was 3 prawns – 2 of which were HUGE!

Next we headed out back toward Warm Springs we had a nice tech connect where I received all of Cotty’s sweet emails from his fishing mission – we were even able to send each other a couple of text messages 😀

Inside Warm Springs there was no room at the dock so we went to anchor down a little arm for lunch of yummy kale salad but this time with sea asparagus instead of parsley and left over Halibut – it was even better with the sea asparagus!!

Then Mary went for a nap I did dishes and caught up on blog and Dar read her book but also fell asleep 😀

Next we headed out to try trolling again but it did not work out but I got to drive the boat a wee bit again 🙂

IMG 4399

IMG 4402

Then Dar spotted some whales and we went out to watch them for a bit – also saw quite a few porpoises – we went to a rock spot and I caught a pea cod, a rock fish and a 24lb Halibut.

We came back in to the bay and tied up to a nice blue fishing boat but as we started to prepare dinner a spot came free further up the dock so we snagged it – as we sat down for dinner – which was Halibut – sweet potato fries, green salad, and mango salsa – so yummy.

Then we took pics of Dar picking up the fish and Mary cleaned and filleted the fish while I did the dishes. We hung out a bit and then went up to the hot tubs – so nice to warm up.

IMG 0746

IMG 0750

IMG 0753

We spent some time visiting on the boat and then went to bed nice and early.



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