Alaska in Flip Flops – Day 9

Day 9

We woke up around 7:20 and had a really nice lazy loungey morning on the boat – we watched most of the boats leave and got a pic of the dock almost empty.

IMG 6386

We gathered up our stuff and headed for the hot spring pools were we did face masks and had a wee photoshoot – fun.









IMG 0755







Then we walked the board walk back to the hot tubs (though I did manage to slip :() We had such a lovely leisurely soak and got extra clean, warm and relaxed.

This is the view from the baths ๐Ÿ˜€




the bathhouse from the dock


inside ๐Ÿ™‚


Back to the boat to finish chores – fill up with water and get ready to go – before we left Dar and I walked over to the cascade – on the way we saw a tiny helicopter land and we met a nice retired general surgeon named Bill who showed up around his nice house. We then went to the cascade and I jumped and fell again – ouch.




The view from Billโ€™s place – a guy we met along the way


this is a sweet tub set up!


jumping in the rain ๐Ÿ˜€


Back to the boat we learned that the tiny helicopter was on a solo mission around the globe – the pilot had started off in Moscow and was heading for California.


We got ready to go after Mary learned that he was able to make his phone work – we untied and took off – we had a nice run up the coast with a few nice animal sightings – a sea otter waved his tail at Dar which was really cute. I got to text a bit with Cotty which was nice – he was on his way back from Port Hardy to Comox.


We made it to Thatcherโ€™s point and tried trolling I got to drive and found a really good spot every time we pulled up the line there was a fish on it – we caught 8 rock fish, 1 back bass, 1 smaller halibut, 1 ling cod and 2 king salmon – which is called the Alaskan trifecta – we had so many fish on board we were tossing off all the older fish and other fish we didnโ€™t know what to do with. We saved some for crab bait. While Dar was reeling in the second King Salmon there was a hump back whale spouting off the bow of the boat!! crazy.

IMG 0782

IMG 0796

IMG 4414IMG 4442

After that we decided we had more than enough fish – we made our way through Peril Straight to False Island and we set the crab ring while we dealt with some of the fish. When I say we – I mean Mary ๐Ÿ˜‰ the crab ring had two small crab which we thought was a good sign. We set the crab pots one with salmon and one with halibut. In the morning we plan to pull them – fingers crossed. We went around the tiny false island and tied up to a nice dock. We saw a deer on the shore and threw a rock fish for the eagles but they waited us out and I barely caught it on video grabbing the fish.

IMG 0853

We had baked King Salmon with garlic mashed cauliflower – sweet potato fries – and green salad from Maryโ€™s garden.

IMG 0828

Then as we were winding down a boat came in and we met Steve from Seattle

IMG 0856

IMG 6398

A stick with a face swam to the boat and came on board Mary told it to go away and it did – but it came on board again and so I asked Mary to tell it to go away again and she did

IMG 9858

and it ran away and we laughed really hard – it may have been the two vodkas – perhaps? We hung out a wee bit more and then went to bed what another incredible day! – WOW


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