Hot Springs cove – mini break 1 – July 5 – July 8

Every Island adventure begins with this view πŸ™‚

IMG 1327

Raspberry addicts at work

IMG 1331

Tonquin beach view

IMG 1333

sweet T-shirt from:

IMG 1360IMG 1370

looking up on the Hama

IMG 1372

towing and hauling quite a load

IMG 1374IMG 1375

Braden and Charlie on the Bow

IMG 1387IMG 1390


IMG 1395

We awoke in Tofino and helped load an enormous amount of material onto the Hama. We untied the lines and secured all four! smaller crafts that were under tow. After a smooth 3.5 hour journey we arrived at the Innchanter. It now has a gigantic float off the port side! After a tasty meal all the boys were able to experience the hot/cold extremes that Hot Springs Cove often provides.

IMG 1403

Many thanks to Atleo Air and pilot Malcolm for a really fun flight back to Tofino!

IMG 1402IMG 0084 2IMG 1410IMG 1413IMG 1414IMG 1416IMG 0086 2

We would tell you about this – but we are sworn to secrecy

IMG 0093 2IMG 0094 2

IMG 0088 2IMG 0089 2

IMG 0090 2IMG 0091 2

IMG 0092 2IMG 1420

really fun mini break – looking forward to our next one coming up SOON πŸ˜€

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  1. terry 4 months ago

    Fun times so nice the boys got to go on this one.

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