July 2, 2016 Day 11 Alaska (Glacier Bay Day 4)

We woke up to heavy rain in fingers bay and slept in a bit. Then got going and by the time we were at the salmon trolling spot we had nice weather. Caught no salmon πŸ™ Saw no bears πŸ™

Breakfast – banana pancakes with blueberry apple compote

Lunch – orange soup

Dinner – BBQ Halibut and Mary’s famous kale salad

Got back into Barlett Cove – filled up with fuel and water and went to have an internet party at the VIS. Got caught up on a bit of life and biz stuff and then went back to the boat and found a spot to anchor. Then we launched the skiff and a kayak. Cotty and I jumped in the skiff and headed back to the dock to try our luck at getting into town. We had success with the second van driver we asked and she drove us 2 min away from where we were going. First stop was here to ask about boat related things for Mary.

IMG 2212

IMG 2215

IMG 2216

IMG 2217

Then grocery stop 1 – stop 2 was a mini costco like place

IMG 2218

first ride after groceries two nice ladies picked us up and two minutes later we saw Moose #27

IMG 2233

and her two cute babies πŸ˜€

IMG 2318

walking and hitching back from groceries – we got dropped off here – it is nowhere really

IMG 2374

harvesting Beach Asparagus for Dar πŸ™‚ <3

IMG 2375

and us too πŸ˜‰

IMG 2378

Fun day and the weather looks to be nice now – so tomorrow we are going adventuring again πŸ˜€

IMG 2380

IMG 2381

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  1. Terry Cottingham 1 year ago

    lol at the “dropped off here….it is no where really” .

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