July 4, 2016 Day 13 Alaska (Glacier Bay Day 6)

Breakfast  – banana pancakes – strawberry pear lemon compote

Lunch – Stuffed portobello mushrooms with salad

Dinner – fresh Tanner crab appy – panang curry with ling cod (so yummy) cocktails – Sol Duc

pleasant peaceful morning then slowly exploring the east arm

IMG 8067

IMG 8071

IMG 8098

some kind of clover looking plant only grew on one side of these ridges (dryas perhaps)

IMG 8107

IMG 8120

IMG 8124

lots of ice bergs

IMG 8146

waterfall selfie

IMG 1137

riggs glacier

IMG 8163

IMG 8174

more kayaking through a maze of giant floating ice bergs

IMG 1140

IMG 8195

IMG 8200

band meeting

IMG 8201

IMG 8203

IMG 8205

IMG 8207

meanwhile back on the Sol Duc – this giant island of ice tried to ram us – Judi managed to somehow move it around the boat – this was quite tricky when it got stuck on the anchor rope – PS this was a giant island of ice – the pic does not show it’s true size.

IMG 2385

will we find crab at 300 ft?

IMG 2387

YES we did 😀

IMG 2390

Tanner crab – sweet and yummy

IMG 2392

sadly no prawns in the prawn trap 🙁

IMG 2396

IMG 2399

moose tracks!

IMG 1148

Mary and Judi pose on the beach – this is soon after Cotty averted disaster by catching Judi before she fell in really mucky muck 😀 <3

IMG 1149

more hearts for Andrea 😀 <3 can you see find them in the pics below?

IMG 1150

IMG 1153

IMG 1154

IMG 1155IMG 1156

fun after dinner kayak and hike 🙂


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