July 5, 2016 Day 14 Alaska (Glacier Bay Day 7)

Breakfast – Turkey scrambled eggs with yummy hash browns

Lunch – pizza shown below – on almond crust

Dinner – Yummy wasabi mayo rice cracker topping on fresh caught Pacific Cod with salad

Today was chore day and getting the boat ready for the next trip. Cotty washed and waxed the kayaks and I washed the boat. Mary did some chores she had been putting off for awhile and it felt good to get the boat back in ship shape and ready for the next guests. We watched whales, otters, sea lions and birds while we tried fishing in a few spots – eventually we caught three Pacific Cod – but only kept two for some reason Mary threw the largest one back 🙁 While we were motoring in Cotty and I played Chinese poker for awhile and I got a hand of Quad Aces, Full house and pair on top. Then we both had showers while we were running in which was a kind of cool experience we both felt really refreshed and packed up all our dirty laundry ready for when we got to the dock. Laundry took THREE hours 🙁 because the machines are so wacky with timing and one of the washers was broken 🙁 Eventually we were all wifi’d and clean laundry’d up and headed off to anchor for the night – it is quite splashy, slappy and wavy as I type this.

IMG 1158

one of the weird things I caught – might be a plant?

IMG 2401

laundry room is not very exciting

IMG 2402

view from the boat while we were tied up

IMG 1161

we saw many amazing things (hump back whales, otters, sea lions pretending to be dolphins, amazing vistas) but forgot to take pics of them including the fish we caught 🙁

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  1. Terry Cottingham 1 year ago

    you must have been excited to forget to take pics! Oh well…next time 🙂

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