July 6, 2016 Day 15 Alaska (Glacier Bay Day 8) traveling home

Cotty wasn’t feeling well this morning so Judi and Mary worked on boat chores early. When he got up Judi was almost finished scrubbing the deck and everyone was then involved in quickly getting the skiff off the roof and into the water. We got some wifi and then the three of us headed to town with bus driver Easton.

IMG 2404

This selfie is taken in the back of the car of a nice carpenter named Miller. He drove out of his way to pick us up because we were carrying a propane tank – he then explained what we had to do at the propane place and drove us back to the grocery store!

IMG 1164

We met two really nice girls at the grocery store and they were happy to drive us around “town” for 5 Canadian dollars.

This person used interesting materials to build his fence.

IMG 1166

Nawnee and Shirlee – our new friends

IMG 2405

IMG 2406

We bought some yummy smoked black cod and smoked salmon at this fish shop. Nawnee wanted to hold this giant salmon so she did 😀

IMG 1165

Waiting for Easton to arrive and take us back to the boat.

IMG 2407

The only gas station in town doubles as a museum.

IMG 2409

hand crank pumps!!

IMG 2412

IMG 2415

IMG 2416

Back at the airport waiting for our plane.

IMG 2417

IMG 2418

IMG 2420

IMG 2424

IMG 2427

Good bye Gustavus!

IMG 2428

IMG 2447

Judi spotted a whale from the plane!

IMG 2446

glacier behind Juneau

IMG 2450

Airport number 2 – Juneau.

IMG 2451

IMG 2452

We made friends with Karin on the plane. Her husband was helping fly the plane! This is them fishing in eastern Washington.

IMG 1190

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  1. Terry Cottingham 1 year ago

    Ha, I loved the pretty blue water, never seen it that light, camera or for real? Also did you pay the $5 to the girls for the tour and sad to say, the things in your pics were all too familiar. Love the cream can/tractor seat, both from my childhood and the washing machine, big stuff when we got a washer :).

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