June 23, 2016 Day 2 Alaska in really old tired fleece and new boots

We got to sleep in a bit and felt refreshed – Cotty seems to be getting sicker 🙁 REALLY sore throat – poor kid.

We decided to move the boat to the outer harbour in the hope of spotting some bears.  (Judi was sous chef) and Mary washed the windows. Then we went kayaking but fishing did not work out well in the kayak. Judi went back to the boat so Mary could kayak. Judi worked on a ring design for a customer. Cotty and Mary had a fun adventure up in the back lagoon. Cotty collected some blue mussels. Mary took some nice pictures.

IMG 7237

IMG 7241

IMG 7248

IMG 7249

IMG 7250

IMG 7253

IMG 7259

IMG 7266

IMG 7267

Breakfast – Cotty made salmon Fritatta

Lunch – apples and cheese

Dinner – baked Ling Cod and fried rice and veg for dinner.

We skipped lunch and left around 2pm we tried trolling but one of the down riggers wasn’t working which led to a bunch of other systems failing so we pulled in all the gear and tried jigging instead. Judi caught a small yellow eye and then thought she had caught the earth again but Mary assured her it was a fish and it was a 26 lbs Lin Cod! so big – so ugly – lol.

IMG 7269

IMG 7272

IMG 7273

they were not all big ones 😉

IMG 0627

what was this guy thinking??

IMG 0629

Next we attempt to get into Mirror cove so we could check out White Sulphor Hot Springs. We all agreed it was too gnarly to try to get in so we turned around and headed to Pelican cove instead.

Pelican Cove is a cute little town all connected by boardwalks 🙂

IMG 7274

Back in the day the natives used hand made lures like this to catch halibut. Cool!

IMG 7279

IMG 7280

IMG 7289

IMG 7302

IMG 7303

IMG 7314

IMG 7315

IMG 7323

IMG 7324

IMG 7325

Someone had a full-on workshop set up in this wacky glass boat.

IMG 0631

Pelican Cove is the cutest wee town and quite hilarious. We enjoyed wifi from the Library and figured out most of the systems failed due to a blown breaker that was mostly easy to reset. We plugged in and walked through the town exploring and enjoying what there was to see. Mary went to take pictures while we prepared baked ling cod and fried rice and veg for dinner.

IMG 1970

We pretty much went straight to bed as dinner was so late.


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