June 24, 2016 Day 3 Alaska in old tired fleece and new boots

Cotty had a terrible sleep as he was feeling so sick 🙁 he got up searching for drugs and went wandering and discovered the coffeeshop.

Mary slept in and Judi slept okayish – mostly waiting for Cotty to come back.

Judi made breakfast. A little later she hosed down the boat and filled up the water. We decided to tour the town again and enjoy the wifi. Cotty discovered a treasure trove of blueberries and we picked a bunch and went to tell Mary. Mary went back to get containers and we went off exploring even more. We found another great berry patch. We got so many blueberries!! It was really fun as we sat on the boardwalk and Cotty would pass us up branches full of berries 🙂 We took some fun pictures and videos of the town as well. My snap story was pretty cute that day 😀

IMG 1959

IMG 0649

IMG 1973

IMG 0636

IMG 1975

IMG 1968

IMG 1976

IMG 7295

IMG 7299

IMG 1990

IMG 1991

IMG 1994

IMG 1998

Breakfast – Salmon quesadilla with avocado, red onion and goat cheddar

Lunch – Cotty’s seafood chowder

Dinner – Yellow eye fish tacos in cashew flour tacos shells

Eventually we had a ton of berries and had caught up as much as possible on wifi so we unplugged and headed out to check out the waterfalls across the way and then to find a place to troll for salmon. Judi did have a King Salmon on at one point but we didn’t get to enjoy it as it got away. 🙁 Cotty made yummy seafood chowder for lunch.

IMG 1999

IMG 2006

We tried to find another one but had no luck with either that or with jigging 🙁 So we headed to Elfin cove. Elfin Cove is another really really cute town all connected by boardwalks. We were so happy to find some fresh produce at the grocery store and we stocked up on all kinds of yummy things. We found a teeny bit of wifi but it was not as reliable as Pelican 🙁  We made delicious yellow eye fish tacos for dinner – vacuum packed some of the Ling Cod to enjoy at home, and caught up on the blog and went to sleep.

IMG 7328


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