June 26, 2016 Day 5 Alaska in old tired fleece and new boots

We all woke up really early so we were kind of tired all day. We decided to get an early start so we just untied and got going. We tried to troll for ages and all we caught was a black bass because Judi was driving and hit the bottom 🙁 Judi did not enjoy driving on this coast in these conditions. Eventually we went to try somewhere else and Mary lost one of the canon balls and the down rigger jammed. Judi went to use her camera and it was broken :'( Last pic it took 🙁

IMG 3361

Went to get the prawn pot only 7 prawns – Judi was the only one who thought this was better than nothing.

IMG 7336

IMG 7339

IMG 7342

IMG 7346

IMG 0693

Breakfast  – pancake blueberry compote redeux

Lunch – Nori rolls with Cotty’s codifornia concoction

Dinner – black bass tacos with wasabi mayo coleslaw, mango, blueberry salsa and guest start prawns

Next we attempted to jig for Halibut but the current was so strong we tried to weight the lines but nothing seemed to work so eventually we headed for Necka bay where we set some crab pots and then into North bight where Judi managed to catch the anchor. Which was pretty hilarious especially because we managed to get the lure back!

IMG 7350

We dropped the crab ring off the side of the boat for fun, went to bed and Mary stayed up brought it up and there were TWO crab in the ring 😀 no bear sightings as of yet – but we are hopeful.


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