June 28, 2016 Day 7 Alaska in Flip flips pt deux

What a day!! We woke up early and pretty much went into full speed when our feet hit the deck. We washed the boat, and then waxed the cabin. cleaned everything, then had showers and headed to the fuel dock. Where we filled up all the boat fluids and fuels. We then headed to Pt Adolphus and watched Humpback whales but got no bites on the trolling gear. Then onto Dundas bay where Mary caught a 26lb Halibut and Judi accidentally caught a 13lb Halibut as she was reeling in her gear. We went to check out one arm of the bay and Judi and Cotty went kayak exploring then later Cotty and Mary went for a lovely Kayak and explored up some fun streams – while Judi enjoyed her time on the boat 😀

IMG 1039

IMG 7372

IMG 1044

IMG 7386

IMG 7411

IMG 7415

IMG 7422

IMG 7432

IMG 7438

Breakfast – Banana Pancakes with blueberry/apple compote

Lunch – Salad Lentils

Dinner – Halibut cheeks and sautéed mushrooms – chicken marbella and potatoes – followed by cocktails.


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