Sol Duc July 2013 day seven

Mary’s first 24 hour anchor. Another nice night in Scow bay we circumnavigated Big Bunsby by kayak and had a picnic lunch on middle Bunsby. Then we went back to the Sol Duc and prepared for cocktails with Kevin and Susan on the Andante a sweet ride that has an ice maker, a washer dryer, and a fish smoker! We enjoyed yummy fish tacos for dinner – I did mine sushi style in seaweed wraps.

IMG 7809

Can you read this sign? Neither could we.

IMG 7799IMG 7801IMG 7804IMG 7806IMG 7808IMG 7811IMG 7812IMG 7813IMG 7814IMG 7816IMG 7818IMG 7833IMG 7829IMG 7825IMG 7830IMG 3361IMG 7837IMG 7838

sadly we didn’t take any pics on the Andante – but we did enjoy our time there!

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  1. terry 4 years ago

    did Cotty ever wear his pants? lol or was that just one day? You guys looked like you belong in that country!

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