Sol Duc July 2013 day twelve

Woke up in beautiful foggy Baccante Bay went to check out the crab pot. It had two big crab – unfortunately not the kind that are good eating πŸ™ I tried to fish again but sadly the fish weren’t biting as I lost the lucky lure when I caught something BIG last night and it snapped the line πŸ™

IMG 8058IMG 8059IMG 8060IMG 8062IMG 8061

kayaking the Megin River

IMG 8070IMG 8083IMG 8084IMG 8087IMG 3408IMG 3410IMG 8064IMG 8065IMG 8072IMG 3414IMG 8073IMG 8075IMG 8076IMG 8078IMG 3421IMG 8079IMG 3424

intrepid waterfall finder Mary

IMG 3425IMG 3430

and so ends our wonderful mission – as we head back to Tofino and back to our lives and work. Thank you so much Mary for all the wonderful adventures and fun times we hope we get to share some more good times with you in the future.

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  1. terry 4 years ago

    wow, thank you for sharing it was awesome :), Cotty is a dilly, love the outfits!

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